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Visit Casa Segafredo, the Online Coffee Home

Segafredo Zanetti launched its online coffee space in 2009, quickly making its mark with this innovative social networking project.

A relaxingly modern virtual space constructed around the world of coffee, whose user community can dialogue, establish friendships, share info and contents over a cup of coffee... the most social of drinks.

The project hinges on three main instruments:

  • "The house" (, consisting of as many rooms as there are phases in the coffee production process. Navigating through these various rooms, the user explores texts and films illustrating and explaining the world of coffee.
  • "The community" (, an area connected with the house via the “coffee-centric” games present in the various rooms, where individual and group profiles can be created in terms of life coffee style. Here anyone can also create their own personalised room (my room)
  • "The blog" (, full of useful info for anyone who likes to feel at home away from home

The project launch was backed up by online campaign banners on leading information portals (All Music, Corriere, DeeJay, Libero, MSN, Repubblica, Yahoo, Virgilio), and by Direct E-Mail Marketing activities using Dada and Mail Click databases, and Google Keyword Advertising.