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The real Italian Espresso, the one the whole world envies, is created by the coffee and the heart, passion and skill.

Segafredo Zanetti blends have been created carefully, to enhance the intrinsic characteristics of the beans’ origins: they grow from the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta, from a single origin and strictly controlled, which assures the unmistakable features of the real Italian Espresso. The coffee is a harmonious blend, in which Arabica grants fragrance and taste and the Robusta body and density.

A blend of Brasilia Arabica and Robusta with intense toasted-bread and chocolate features. ...

Blends of mostly Brazilian Arabica and Robusta, balanced, soft and velvety, they are ...

Full body, Heavy crema.

Blends of mostly South American Arabica and Robusta, with an intense body, but with balanced ...

Dedicato ai Professionisti che amano il caffè dall’aroma forte e intenso, una miscela che nasce dalle ...

Un caffè due volte più buono: biologico ed equo solidale.