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New opening in Korea
March 23rd, 2007


Segafredo Zanetti Espresso has just opened its second coffee shop in Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

The coffee shop, built in the unique Segafredo Zanetti’s style, occupies an area of 110 square meters and it is located in one of the most important commercial sites in Seoul: the I Park Tower Building.

It was designed by Daniel Libeskind, the man who also planned the new World Trade Center of New York. More than 2,000 people are working in the building every day.

Just in front of I Tower lays C.O.E.X., the largest underground shopping space all over the Asian continent.

The Segafredo Espresso outlet is located on the lobby of I-Park, very close to the building’s main entrance.

Our franchisee C & D Korea Co Ltd, is satisfied by the enthusiastic reaction of the customers: hundreds of people visit the coffee shop every day, enjoying the real Italian espresso.