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Segafredo Zanetti and Autogrill
December 21st, 2007

it_autogrill1Segafredo Zanetti celebrates thirty years of activity of its long-standing partner Autogrill by cooperating in a new competition “Auguri, 30 di questi premi” (30 happy returns).
Autogrill is the world’s biggest provider of food & beverage and retail services for travellers.

The competition involves 450 Autogrill’s stores all over Italian highways, airports, railway stations, cities and shopping malls.

The project is supported by a great advertising campaign on the main Italian radio networks.

There are big prizes to be won: 30 travel vouchers, 30 espresso machines for pods SZ01 by Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System and 30 boxes with 30 pods in each, 30 car navigation systems, 30 PSP consoles, 30 portable LCD TV's. For further information and regulations please visit Autogrill's website: