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New café in Seoul
November 13th, 2009

Segafredo Zanetti is proud to announce the opening of a new espresso bar in Seoul, inside Times Square, Korea’s largest multi-complex combining shopping, entertainment, cultural activities, offices, restaurants and other attractions, taking up about 300,000 sq. m.
The centre includes, amongst the others, a Marriott Hotel, Shinsekai Department Store, multiplex theatres and cinemas but features also an outer space, thus providing visitors with both an urban experience and with friendly and homey spaces as an open plaza, a terrace, a fountain and a garden.
Worthy to be mentioned is also the beautiful glass ceiling that allows people to enjoy the sky even while they shop inside. A great experience!
The Segafredo Zanetti Espresso bar is located just beside the entrance of Marriott hotel, an excellent position offering great visibility.
The franchisee, Dolce Vita Korea, is also Segafredo Zanetti distributor throughout the country, activity that they are planning to expand, especially in the Office Coffee Segment based on the capsules sales.