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Segafredo Zanetti Poland awarded
October 19th, 2009

Laur Konsumenta 2009Segafredo Zanetti have the pleasure to announce that in annual event of „Consumer Laurel” organized by a popular Polish daily newspaper - Rzeczpospolita - the Polish subsidiary company, Segafredo Zanetti Poland, has received the award Laur Konsumenta 2009 (Consumer Laurel 2009).
The event is nationwide and Polish consumers voted for the best products and services in many categories.
In this year edition Segafredo Zanetti Poland received „Consumer Laurel 2009” on the subject of best bean coffee served within HORECA sector.
Commenting on the award, the Board of Directors published the “Thank You” note in the magazine dated September, 30th. .

Laur Konsumenta 2009