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Gala at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo
December 23rd, 2009

Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Italian Republic, has recently been in Tokyo, second step of the tour in the Far East that has seen the Head of State, accompanied by his wife Clio, committed in South Korea and Japan.
In Tokyo, President Napolitano met with Emperor and the new Prime Minister Hatoyama, as well as speak to the assembly of the Italy-Japan Business Group, which brings together many businessmen of both countries.
During his visit, the President was a guest at the gala hosted by the Italian ambassador in his residence in Tokyo.
The dinner was organized by the famous Armani Restaurant, Segafredo Zanetti’s prestigious client, located on the tenth floor of Armani Tower.
More than 500 guests attended the event, including prominent figures in Japanese politics and important businessmen.
Thanks to the collaboration between Armani and Segafredo Zanetti, everyone was able to enjoy the Italian flavors in the distant land of the east, enjoying traditional dishes of our land and ending the evening with a delicious espresso Segafredo Zanetti..