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First Chock Full o’Nuts in Italy
October 26th, 2010

Segafredo Zanetti Worldwide Italy is proud to announce the opening, on October 12th,of the first Chock Full o’Nuts café outside the US borders at Sigonella Nato Military Base, in Sicily.
The 300 square meters location is inside the US Base called NAS2 near to aircraft’s runways where are working an average of 2000 peoples, a number that could double in the near future.
The offer includes typical Chock Full o’Nuts Coffee and food, smoothies (the only Coffee Shop in the whole base) hot and cold beverages, pizza, pasta, salad and Kebab.
The franchisee is the largest operator managing also a Burger King, two restaurant, a kiosk in the library, the school canteen beyond other activities outside the bases (restaurant and cafes).
After that opening Segafredo Zanetti Worldwide Italy is ready to negotiate with General Commander for new Chock Full o’Nats opportunities inside the bases in Naples, Vicenza, Aviano, Roda (Spain) and in Bahrain..