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Sponsor of golf in Poland
July 16th, 2010

Segafredo Zanetti Poland participated as main partner of the Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup 2010. The event was classified by the Polish daily sports paper “PrzeglÄ…d Sportowy” – “as one of the most important golf events of the 2010 season, alongside five professional PGA cups in other countries and only a few Polish ones.”
The event was organized by Dr Irena Eris – a company that was recently recognized as the strongest Polish brand in the cosmetics market and the symbol of Poland’s most admired brands.
The event is dedicated to active and dynamic women. The invigorating presence at the tournament of real Italian Segafredo Zanetti espresso was much appreciated by players and guests alike.
Excellent organization and sporting emotions guaranteed an unforgettable impression and participants from Poland and Europe spent a very enjoyable two days together. Mrs Oksana Wojtkiewicz triumphed in the two days of competition.
During the final gala, hosted by well-known TV presenter Beata Sadowska, winners received prizes from the sponsors, including from Segafredo Zanetti Poland. All participants received a gift from Segafredo Zanetti Poland - Espresso Classico, to remind everyone of those enjoyable moments during the tournament.