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Disneyland Paris chooses Segafredo Zanetti
August 5th, 2011

Segafredo Zanetti is the new official supplier of Disneyland Paris.
In fact, the theme fun park in Paris asked Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System to bring the quality and aroma of the true Italian espresso coffee in its offices and premises. More specifically, the company will supply over 600 SZ01 and MZ01 machines to Disneyland Paris, guaranteeing from now onwards the coffee capsule supply for the whole facility and for the employees of the park, which draws about 15 million visitors on average every year.
“This new important partnership with Disneyland Paris further enhances the internationalization process undertaken by Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System – remarked Matteo Zanetti, President and founder of the company – which has already been strengthened through significant agreements with Italian and international enterprises, such as MSC Crociere, Louis Vuitton Italia, Dolce & Gabbana, Gardaland and Generali Assicurazioni”.
The main strength of Coffee System products is the utmost care for quality at all stages which allow to turn green beans into a cup of coffee. The company relies on the widespread international distribution structure of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group and on 40 subsidiaries operating in all five continents. The hallmark of this Group, owner of the largest single-body plantation in the world (Nossa Senhora da Guia in Brazil), is the integrated business model which involves the direct control over the whole production and distribution chain, from the plant to the cup of coffee.
The quality of the espresso supplied by Coffee System does not concern only coffee as it is also linked to the 100% “Made in Italy” technology of La San Marco, a company of the Group which plays a leading role in the production of professional coffee machines.
The SZ01 and MZ models, which led to the partnership with Disneyland Paris, guarantee the same speed and quality of professional machines delivering an espresso with constant levels of flavour and creaminess. In particular, the SZ01 model is equipped with a double boiler (one for preparing coffee, the other for producing hot water and steam), with a pre-infusion system used to wet the capsule before delivery, and finally with an electronic control for temperature. The MZ model applies the same technology to a compact, small-sized model.