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Launch of new ‘Giulietta’
February 28th, 2011

When taste meets tradition, the tradition of Italian design. The launch of the new Alfa Romeo 'Giulietta' has been more unique thanks to some big Italian brands. 
Perth, emerging and sunny capital of Western Australia, hosted the event in two of its most beautiful and artistic skyscrapers, located in the heart of the city. For two weeks, taking advantage of thiese attractive locations, thousands of people were able to admire in all its splendour the new 'Giulietta' and at the same time, enjoy products that a great nation like Italy exports all over the world.
Sponsors of the event are very famous brands of Italian design such as Natuzzi, Baci Perugina, Segafredo Zanetti and the Rialto's restaurant that gives people a taste of authentic Italian cusine.

Segafredo Zanetti Australia set up a corner right next to the new Alfa Romeo, where visitors enjoyed the taste of a perfect Italian espresso prepared using Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System’s MZ espresso coffee machines. 

Segafredo Zanetti Australia’s exhibition area achieved widespread success also thanks to its elegant design. The traditional colours, red and black, were the perfect setting for the launch of the new car.
While admiring the car, the many visitors were able to breathe the inviting aroma of the typical Italian espresso.
The event was also highly entertaining thanks to the Test & Drive competition: it was possible to try the new car and win great prizes provided by sponsors.
Among these, of course, there was also one of the new Segafredo Zanetti coffee machines.