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Segafredo Zanetti at NATO
May 17th, 2011

In a taste test against Starbucks and three others, Segafredo Zanetti Extra Strong Espresso wins the best-tasting coffee among NATO employees at the NATO Allied Command Transformation headquarters in Norfolk, VA. 
NATO, located about 30 minutes from the Portsmouth, VA office, now serves Segafredo Zanetti products in their new cafeteria serviced by Aramark.  In a bid against four other coffee companies, including Starbucks, Aramark arranged a cupping for NATO employees to vote for the best-tasting coffee.  It’s no surprise, Segafredo Zanetti won by a landslide.
MZB-USA Area Sales Manager, Marcie Waranch, contacted Aramark in the summer of 2010 and was able to secure Segafredo Zanetti a slot in the tasting. Aramark decided to conduct the test to ensure NATO employees that only best coffee will be served every day in their cafeteria.
After Segafredo Zanetti won, plans for a new cafeteria were already under way but Marcie was able to secure a café section for Segafredo Zanetti.  NATO purchased La San Marco 100 E 2gr and the product line soon expanded to Segafredo Zanetti filter coffee, Brodies Teas, Hot Ciok and iced tea.  Segafredo Zanetti became so popular the products are used for NATO’s catering business servicing special functions and parties. 
In April, Segafredo Zanetti Espresso was showcased at the annual NATO Festival where each country is represented in a booth setting for the general public to meet and greet NATO representatives. The Italian National Liaison served the espresso using the SZ01 machine.  Because of the support given to NATO and the Italian National Liaison for the festival, Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA was presented with an award for their support. 
Marcie says the Italian, French and German representatives are most appreciative and are often found joking with the barista, and sometimes arguing in good fun amongst each other, as to how their espresso preferences differ.  The relationship with the Italian diplomats has grown and they often call Marcie to chat.  Her latest call was regarding a new Italian market expected to open this summer and they wanted her to be aware, as all products will be imported from Italy. 
We look forward to continuing our relationship with NATO and the liaisons from around the world.