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Under the sun of Phuket
May 5th, 2011

Segafredo Zanetti espresso has opened a new café in Phuket, Asia's most popular beach destination.
The island offers spectacular scenery, stunning tropical sunsets and warm blue sea, apart from superb hospitality and great value accommodation.
The brand new outlet is located at the main floor of Central Festival Phuket, a huge and very important commercial complex in Phuket, visited by thousands local people - including many retired Europeans - and foreign tourists for shopping, eating /drinking and for multiplex.
Ms. Kannikar Veerapong, vice-president of Central Food Retail, Segafredo’s franchising partner, is very pleased with this new café and already planned two further openings by the end of the year.
All visitors will also find the Pimenta, a very nice Italian restaurant located in Central Phuket Festival’s garden area, where is served – of course - a delicious espresso by Segafredo Zanetti.