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Partnership with the Italian Chamber of Commerce
October 5th, 2012

Segafredo Zanetti Suisse has recently become a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
This is udoubtedly an unique opportunity that will allow Segafredo Zanetti to introduce its brand in the local market. With this parternship, Segafredo Zanetti Suisse planned to develop new and interesting contacts, attend exclusive events as well as  expand its network of potential new customers.
The Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group company profile has been already launched on the Chamber of Commerce homepage.
On September 5th, 2012, shortly after the conclusion of the partnership agreement, Segafredo Zanetti Suisse had the great opportunity to attend an event organized by a well-known Italian interior design Colombo Design.

Thanks to the Management efforts and care,  Segafredo Zanetti was presented in a relevant/important area during a memorable evening. Among the more than 1600 participants it was easy to find the most influential Zurich architects, press and, above all, the organizers’ customers.
The "Italian Festival" was held in a modern commercial space, the ancient seat of a brasserie inside the Hürlimann building.
Segafredo Zanetti offered  a coffee tasting and presented its capsules system to the suppliers of Italian products and services.
The Segafredo sales team considers this event very successful also thanks to numerous and interesting contacts had during the evening and will be happy to participate to new events in cooperation with the Italian Chamber of Commerce.