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Best barista of France 2013
February 21st, 2013

Luca Casadei, barista trainer for Segafredo Zanetti France, has become Best barista of France 2013.

After a third place in 2011 and a second in 2012, Luca is established Champion of France 2013.

This perfect rise, Luca based his success on his passion for coffee, his talent and the Segafredo expert team. This title will allow him to compete against the best international baristas for the worldwide competition in Melbourne next May.
During the international exibition for food and hotel (SIRHA) in Lyon in January, The SCAE France organized the France coffee championship.
This championship is made of 4 categories among this is the Barista one. During this trial of 15 min, 4 espressos, 4 cappuccino and 4 signatures drinks (creation based on coffee) are rated by 7 judges (national and international). Luca has seduced by his professionalism, his technicity and his passion for coffee to sublimate his exceptional coffee from Costa Rica.

This championship organized by the Speciality Coffee of Europe gathers people that are passionate for coffee and has for mission the highlight coffee of outstanding quality and the Barista trade. Segafredo Zanetti France, member of this association is fully partner of this approach.

In our training center in Rouen, Luca has for main mission to teach and transmit the best practices to do a great espresso and a nice cream, to search and develop hot drink menu and more broadly an expertise to Segafredo Zanetti’s clients: bars, restaurants, franchisees.

This training center located at the same place as the one where the coffee is produced offers to all the possibility to discover all stages of the coffee production: from the green bean to the cup.
The whole Segafredo Zanetti France team is sure that such title will improve our expertise and bring Luca to an incredible experience in the world championship.

From now on, let ‘s enjoy such victory!