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McDonald's award for Segafredo Zanetti
February 18th, 2015

McDonald's award Segafredo

On Tuesday 3rd February 2015 Segafredo Zanetti France, Segafredo Zanetti Deutschland and Segafredo Zanetti Italy received an award by McDonald’s Deutschland in Munich.

This award distinguishes companies that have performed superbly in 2014.

The General Management of McDonald’s Deutschland congratulates Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group's subsidiaries on our product's high quality and coordination between France, Italy and Germany which made it possible to supply more than 1,440 restaurants in just a few months.

This award is a tremendous honor but also recognizes the work and the results achieved by all of us: Production, Quality, Finance and Key Account!


From left to right:

Mr Jean-Tristan VILLA Key Account and Wholesaler Director, Segafredo ZanettiFrance
Mr Thomas JEDINGER Head of Supply Chain, McDonald’s Deutschland
Mr Oliver KORZENNIK Key Account Manager, Segafredo Zanetti Deutschland
Mr Heiko WILDGRUBE Head of Operations, McDonald’s Deutschland