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Advertising Campaign in Finland
04 Mayo 2010

Meira Oy, the Finnish subsidiary company of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, is proud to announce the launch of a new Advertising Campaign based on both outdoor and web activities.
A Segafredo bus operating in Helsinki city center till September will give the brand a great visibility and reach all the numerous espresso consumers that will be captured by the inviting cup of Segafredo Zanetti Cappuccino advertised on the bus side.
The Segafredo bus will also advertise the new Segafredo Finnish web-page

On “Espressomaailma" (meaning “Espresso World”) you can find all information related to espresso, to espresso based drinks as well as a blog where every month a famous Finn tells about his/her relationship to espresso and the famous Meira’s barista Mr. Lari Järnefelt educates people about espresso and answers consumers’ questions.
The new web-pages provide a link to the Segafredo web-site but also to Facebook: if you join the Facebook fan page "Espressomaailma" you have direct access to all latest information published on the site and take part in the forum about espresso.
A new Espresso World in a mouse click!