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Segafredo Intermezzo soft pods awarded
15 Noviembre 2010

On 27th October 2010, Hessische Rundfunk published the results of the programme entitled "Service: trends" consumer test for coffee soft pods carried out in mid-October in Frankfurt during its “Frühstück – der perfekte Start in den Tag!” (Breakfast- the perfect start to the day).

The service: trends editors tested the coffee soft pods of six leading suppliers: Senseo "klassisch", Tizio "Caffè Crema" from Aldi, Segafredo Zanetti "Intermezzo", Bellarom "Gold" from Lidl, Lavazza "Caffè Crema" and Gut & Günstig "Klassik" from Edeka.

Barista Oliver Scafi from the famous "Frankfurter Kaffeelounge" prepared the coffee with the various soft pods on a new Senseo pad machine. Together with a group of regular guests, the coffee experts tasted all six products.
Only the Segafredo Zanetti Intermezzo coffee soft pods, produced by Segafredo Zanetti Coffee System, were able to persuade the testers when it came to "appearance and taste" - their opinion was unanimous: "the taste is intense and the consistency is creamy." A coffee that the testers would "love to drink again" at any time.