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Four new cafés in Germany
16 Novembre 2007

Berlin - AlexaSegafredo Zanetti Germany keeps on spreading the Italian culture of espresso by opening four new cafés.
The first café was opened in Bornheim, a town between Bonn and Cologne. It is located in the Porta Furniture Store, a big furniture chain in Germany.
A very positive Opening Day with more than 700 cups of Italian coffee specialties were consumed on the day. This is the 4th Segafredo Espresso Bar in a Porta Furniture Store.
Berlin - Alexa
Berlin, capital city of Germany, welcomed the opening of the second café, located in the Alexa Shopping Center. Alexa is the second biggest Shopping Mall in the city, and is located in world renowned Alexanderplatz. Berliner people call it “the banana” because its architecture reminds them tropical fruit.
The 85 sqm wide Segafredo Espresso Bar, opened in collaboration with LLG Gastronomie GmbH, is located near the food court on the second floor. They also sell delicious handmade Italian cakes and snacks.

The third café has been opened in Frankfurt, one of the largest and important German cities. It is 43 sqm wide and is located inside the shopping mall Main Taunus Center. Paola Ongarelli, our franchise partner, warmly welcomes customers from early in the morning to late evening with a wide range of Italian cake.


A few days ago the fourth outlet was inaugurated, again, in Berlin and located at the Schönefeld Airport (soon to be re-named the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport). The café is built inside an innovative "cube"; the first Segafredo Espresso Bar in Germany shaped as a kiosk. 
The Espresso bar can be found at the German Wings Terminal and has been opened in collaboration with LSG Airport Gatronomie GmbH. Passengers will have the chance to taste the typical Italian espresso inside and out; with an inside area of 25 sqm inside the café and a 20 sqm outside area as well.
 Berlin - Airport