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At work

This moment is for all those who give 100% at work, but not before a good cup of coffee!​

​To start the day, to regain energy at mid-afternoon or simply to enjoy a break full of taste: coffee at work is an indispensable moment.

Segafredo Zanetti is committed to making coffee time at work a pleasant and necessary break, which you can no longer do without.


Let's be honest: without coffee, it would be impossible to work! Coffee at work, besides being a moment of (deserved) rest, is also a moment of aggregation, where we get to know our colleagues as well as to recharge our energies. But what type of people liven up the coffee area of every workplace?

segafredo zanetti momenti caffe casa famiglia


Cannot live without coffee, no matter whether it is 9 am or 9 pm: you will always find them with a cup in their hand or at their desk, completely covered by empty coffee cups.

segafredo zanetti momenti caffe casa coppia


For them, coffee break is synonymous with gossip. Whether coffee is bitter, sweet or with a spot of milk, it makes no difference, as long as it is full of juicy gossip!

segafredo zanetti momenti caffe casa single


For them, coffee break is the perfect time to cheer up all the colleagues with philosophical vexations. Perhaps they take the assertion that coffee increases intelligence too literally...

segafredo zanetti momenti caffe casa studenti


Since they discovered decaffeinated coffee, their life has changed completely: decaf is so good they do not understand why they all insist on drinking it normal. They never miss an opportunity to promote the healthiness and beneficial properties of decaf, trying to convince everyone to "go to the dark side".

  • Lavoro che fai, pausa caffè che trovi!

    I #SegafredoMoment al lavoro.Per ritrovare la concentrazione, per fare due chiacchiere con i colleghi o semplicemente per sopravvivere alle richieste del capo: il #SegafredoMoment al lavoro non è solo piacevole, è fondamentale!


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