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Sales Conditions

Prices and Terms of payment
The official Unit Sale Price, not including V.A.T., shipping costs and any eventual local duty that you may be required to pay for clearing the goods, appears next to each item and it is expressed in Euro.
All transactions will take place in Euro.

The shipping cost is calculated based on the final composition of the order and according to the delivery you prefer (standard, expedited, express saver or express shipment).
The payment of your on-line purchase has to be made by Visa, Mastercard or American Express only. The correspondent amount (including V.A.T., for orders coming from European Union Countries only, and shipping costs) is charged to your credit card's account not before the goods have been delivered to the shipping agent.

Governmental Authorizations
You are solely responsible for obtaining any licenses or other governmental authorizations related to your use of the Products that may be required by any federal, state or local government agency, and for complying with all rules and regulations imposed by such agencies. Neither Segafredo Zanetti S.p.A. nor any of its employees is your agent or representative in governmental matters.

Shipment of the goods
The order is processed in a few hours' time from its reception and the delivery is handled worldwide by an express courier which, while picking up the goods, gives us a delivery note. After that, you will receive a further e-mail message confirming the payment's transaction number.

Delivery of the goods
Goods are shipped by UPS on working hours. Should you not be able to collect it at home, we suggest you to provide with a different address where you are available (your office, for example).

Return and Refund
In accordance with the provision of Article 5, Italian Legislative Decree no. 185 dated May 22, 1999, Segafredo Zanetti S.p.A. grants you the Right of Withdrawal, under the condition that the unit sale price (as above mentioned) of each item is in excess of 25,83 Euro.You can exercise this right within and not later than 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the goods, under loss of the right itself.

How to exercise the Right of Withdrawal
You must send a registered letter with acknowledge of receipt within the above mentioned terms. Alternatively and always within the same term, you can also send a fax or an e-mail. In this case, however, you must confirm the cancellation of the order by sending a registered letter with acknowledge of receipt within the next 48 hours. The address where you must sent the registered letters or the fax or the e-mail is the following:

Segafredo Zanetti S.p.A.
Shop On-Line
Via Puccini, 1
40067 Rastignano (Bologna)
Fax (+39) 051 742.898
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.