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Momenti Timeline

The true coffee lover who is not afraid to spend a sleepless night, because the pleasure of a good cup of coffee at the end of a meal is more important than a good sleep.

Those that have a mid-afternoon snack are those who arrive late in the morning and feel guilty to have a mid-morning break, so they fix up with a coffee snack with croissants to regain concentration and get to the end of the workday!

Without coffee after lunch the risk of falling asleep is very high! This is just the right time to turn the day and get the right energy charge to get to the end of your work day.

Taking a cup of coffee after a workday is, for all those who experience coffee drinking as the moment that puts an end to work duties, a time of pure pleasure that marks the end of a working day.

For all those who at 11 sharp in unison ask "How about a cup of coffee?” and who live the mid-morning break as a ritual.

An unmissable moment: a real coffee-lover would even be willing to arrive late for an important date just to enjoy their cup of coffee before starting work!
Without it, they just cannot start the day and would not be able to think straight throughout the day!