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Excellence as a starting point, maximum quality of the raw material and utmost professionalism in the preparation phase: this is the secret to making a good coffee. This is why the Segafredo Academy was founded, the high-level training school dedicated to Coffee Bar Customers.

  • 11 training locations in Italy
  • 5 levels
  • More than 100 courses in a year
  • More than 450 hours of theoretical and practical lessons
  • More than 1000 customers trained every year

The love that Segafredo Zanetti puts coffee preparation is also reflected in the attention to detail. The pleasure of a cup of coffee at a coffee bar is accompanied by the beauty of a concept-essence that immediately tells the truth about Segafredo’s world.

For this reason, among the bar and restaurant services offered by Segafredo Zanetti there is also one that includes the enhancement of your location. Cups, branded sugar sachets and many other precious Segafredo Zanetti fittings will make your place even more unique.